What is CPUCores?

CPUCores allows a gamer to control their PC's CPU to maximize processing power for game play.

Take control of your PC's CPU and dedicate more processing power towards gaming to increase your FPS!

Setup instructions

If you purchased from CPUCores.com If you'd like to purchase via Steam
1.- Download CPUCores here and install it.

Note: As CPUCores is a brand-new released software, you may see a Microsoft SmartScreen prompt. If you do, click the "More Info" tab (See here) and continue the installation.
1.- Alternatively, you can purchase CPUCores directly on Steam here: http://store.steampowered.com/app/384300
2.- Run CPUCores and register using the license key and email you purchased the software with.

3.- By simply launching the software, it will automatically detect all your Steam games.

4.- Optionally, if you are looking to run a non-Steam game, or any Application, simply click the ( ▷ ) button and then browse to and select the non-Steam game or Application. See Here For Example.
5.- Click the "START GAME" button

NOTE: If you have your Task Manager open beforehand, and your CPU Graph set to "Logical Processors" then you will be able to see CPUCores in action! It will constrain Windows/Non-Game based processes to your first CPU and open up your other CPU cores specifically for your Steam game! Like This!
6.- CPUCores will then isolate and control your Windows and non-game processes, allocate cpu cores specifically for your game, and launch your game under the specific direction of those pre-allocated cpu cores, thus giving you maximum CPU power and allowing you to reach your peak FPS potential!


  • Does this work with launcher-based games?
  • Yes it does! CPUCores fully identifies games that utilize launchers. Just start up the game in CPUCores as normal, click whatever you need to click on the game's launcher, and play your game. CPUCores is intelligent enough to identify the game is running a launcher and then pays attention to the game the launcher starts. This includes unique game launchers, browser-based game launchers, java-based game launchers, and all of that. Further, you can configure CPUCores to "cpucores it" to any existing running game should you want to not launch the game via CPUCores.

  • I just want to see some videos of CPUCores in action. Do you have any?
  • We sure do! Check out these examples:

    ARMA III = 17.5% FPS Increase! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6EyyYXwUx3k
    Team Fortress 2 - 58% FPS Increase! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y9tXnSGWPRc
    Tombraider - 6.3% FPS Increase https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N5s6IeHBXFE
    Left 4 Dead 2 - 14% FPS Increase https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ah-oVvp-P8

  • I have a Dual (2) Core or Quad (4) Core CPU. Will CPUCores Help?
  • The processors that get the most benefit from CPUCores will be Dual Core and Quad Core systems. This includes both Intel and AMD processors!

  • What are the requirements to run CPUCores?
  • A 64bit PC running Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10, with any CPU that has at least 2 cores. CPUCores was built with specific highlight towards systems that are 2 and 4 core, though CPUCores will support up to a 32 core system.

  • Is CPUCores a one-time fee, or is there any yearly/monthly subscriptions?
  • CPUCores is a single purchase. No renewals, no new hidden fees, no nothing. Buy it once and enjoy all the benefits of the continual updates we are releasing.

  • Do you support Windows XP or Apple Products?
  • Heck no! CPUCores was built blazingly efficient, and as such, we only support up to date 64bit Windows-based OS from Vista on forth.

  • How much faster will CPUCores make my system/game/application?
  • This varies based upon 3 things: #1 Your system specs. This includes your CPU, motherboard, etc. #2 How many programs you're running while gaming. Most people run applications like Firefox, Skype, and other things, while playing games at the same time. #3 The specific game you're playing. Each game is programmed in a unique way. Many games are heavily reliant upon CPU, whereas many games are heavily reliant upon your GPU. The more a game is CPU reliant, the more CPUCores will benefit it.

  • Can I use CPUCores if I don't use Steam?
  • YES! CPUCore's has a ( ▷ ) button that allows you to put any other game / application inside it and thus take advantage of CPUCore's functionality. See Here For Example.

  • What is the best-case hardware scenario for me to use CPUCores?
  • CPUCores was designed with specific highlight to Dual Core and Quad Core CPUs, as well as Six Core CPUs. We've noticed that 2/4 core CPUs are obtaining the most benefit from CPUCores simply because there is less contention for dedicated CPU resources. That being said, as PC Games become more technologically advanced and start utilizing more CPU multi-threaded processing power, CPUCores will start to benefit them more, including 6+ core systems.

  • I have a 8 core PC overclocked to over 9 Ghz with 1TB of RAM and 20x SSDs in RAID Z(illion) with 4x Uber GPUs. Will CPUCores help me?
  • Wow, that is quite a system you have! CPUCores was designed for the both the entry level and mainstream PCs, as well as enthusiast systems. That being said, if your PC cost upwards of $20k then you likely won't receive that much benefit from using CPUCores. But by all means, go ahead :)

Do you have more questions? Please feel free to Contact Us!